Micas Organics Limited has Been dedicated to beautifying the world through its innovative products, pigments and veriety of colours for the past twenty five years.

In its journey, Micas has risen to become India's fastest growing pigment manufacturer, partnering with leading business arround the globe. Micas is the only Indian pigment manufacturer that makes its pigment intermediates. With a strong pan-India presence and footprints across africa, Asia, Asia Pacific and the Middle-East, Micas aims to paint each and every corner of the world. Micas's range of Organic, Inorganic and Phthalocyanine pigments give have a versatile application across Paints, Plastics, Printing Inks and Rubber industries.

The strength of Micas lies in our core philosophy of Excellence across People, Products, Practices and Processes. Each Client of Micas runs strong on its competitive edge through our ability to provide customized, cost competitive solution in the shortest possible time, which is possible through its backward and forward integration.

At Micas, we aim for sustainable growth through knowledge-sharing and adoption of cutting-edge research based technology. Our dynamic leadership that drives us to this vision


Excellence is not a synonym for perfectionism. It is about maturity. It is a about fulfilling individual as well as collective targets of a team. It is excellence that turns signatures into autographs.

We asked ourselves, what will happen if everyone in an organization strived for excellence? With a foundation of this philosophy, Micas was started as a company built on discipline and vigilance. We at Micas, believe that excellence is not an accident, but a continuous process when it comes to every employee, every team and every department.

Everything we say and do is reflection of what we value and what's important to us. When excellence is a part of daily life, we become sincere in our approach towards people, products, processes and partnerships. That's what helps us bring out the best in us, everyday, day after day. Excellence is now a way of life at Micas.

  • People
  • Processes
  • Partnerships
  • Products
  • Practices


Going forward with our strenths and tackling our weaknesses, we want to create an innovative fostering calture that ensures sustainable growth. Through Knowledge-sharing and adoption of cutting-edge research based technology, we want to increase productivity as well as consistency, thereby increasing reliability and performance.

We are committed to create value for not only our products, but also towards our customers, network partners, shareholders and employees, equally through our services and processes.


  • To triple our Organics Pigment production capacity to 300 MT per month by 2019
  • To start commercial production of PMP and Napthol by 2019 with a capacity of 100 MT per month
  • To develop new pigment intermediates, which will in turn reduce costs of pigments
  • To further diversify, expand our product mix portfolio with a customer-centric focus
  • To work more closely with our network partners for overall development and growth
  • To build entire new markets that meet untapped customer needs

Achieving the above targets, we hope to capture a domestic market share of >45% by 2020 and thereby become the largest pigment manufacturer in India by 2020.


At Micas, we don't just care about making the world beautiful, but also the people living in it. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we celebrate World Environment Day every year by planting 50 saplings in different nearby villages.

We donate every month towards the benefit of blind students of a selected Blind School in Mumbai. Apart from this, we donated Rs. 11 lakhs for a Communi-ty Cremation Centre. We also organize blood donation camps every year on 16th of February to help the local community. We care about our employees as much. Which is why, we host annual health check-ups for the health and benefit of each and every employee.



We regularly communicate our Safety, Health and Environment policies to our network partners. We make all possible efforts to providing a safe and healthy work surrounding for our employees. We are committed towards reducing our carbon footprint by minimizing the wastage of natural resources. Preventing any hazardous impact of development, production, use and disposal of our products on the environment, is always our foremost priority.

To help further our initiatives, Micas is working towards becoming a member of The Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers (ETAD).